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If you have any questions please see it below, if you still need more information, please call us.

Yes. We do offer free estimates over the phone or you can make an appointment so we can come over and take measurements of your shower, the in house estimate is most accurate and will give you final price. We can also recommend the setting for your enclosure and help you with the design. Our service area is New York, New Jersey.

Yes. Our hardware is supplied by CR Laurence. You can check hardware here.  All hardware has 3 years warranty.

You will hear these terms used differently throughout the shower enclosure industry. We refer to any unit with 3/8 or 1/2 inch glass thickness as a heavy or frameless unit. In these units, there are no vertical posts in the areas where the plates of glass come together which creates an elegant and seamless appearance. These frameless enclosures are all custom units which means that they are individually cut to the exact specifications of your shower. 

From the day of the estimate, you can expect your door to be installed within 10 business days. Should you need it faster, contact us with what your time frame is and we will ensure that you receive the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

On the heavy frameless units, glass panels are sealed with a transparent vinyl trim that will avert any potential water leakage.

 All of our shower enclosures are constructed of tempered glass. The tempering process is an important safety feature that renders glass much stronger and less dangerous. To achieve tempering, the glass is cut and drilled to specifications, heated nearly to its melting point, and then rapidly cooled. Following this process, the glass is four time stronger than in its previous state. Should tempered glass break, it shatters into thousands of tiny pieces, virtually eliminating the risk of any serious injury.

Yes. You can have your contractor or designer contact us and we will work with them

We offer a wide variety of shower enclosure models and prices. All shower doors are custom made for your enclosure. For the estimate you will need to provide us with approximate measurements of your shower.

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